Power Marketing provides display ad placement capabilities on ad exchanges like Google AdX, One, and other premium ad networks. We are able to serve ads to relevant customers and reinvest your money back into quality ads by using specialists to manually manage data layers, frequency caps, placements, dayparting, device bidding, and other targeting attributes. As native display advertising becomes more effective than traditional display advertising, we see an opportunity for all clients to access our native display inventory and serve ads that have the potential to sway consumers.

Target real mobile users

Target mobile phone users as they visit specific locations or use historical data to target people who have been to a specific location.

Unbeatable data capabilities

We target users based off of your custom first-party data using 35,000+ different data layers.

Protection from bots and fraud

Our platform offers three types of Bot and Fraud protection, ensuring your impressions are real people in real time.

Access to premium ad placements

Power Marketing has access to most major publishers with top quality content for websites you want to be on.

Access to display native ad placements

We target users with native ad placements to stand out in a crowded market place. The combination of text and images creates genuine user interest.